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It’s Time for Heartwood’s Rebirth!

To our supporters, customers and dear friends,

This is Kyle, the owner of Heartwood, and I’m so glad to be writing to you after so long! It goes without saying that the last nearly 3 years have been extremely tumultuous for all of us humans—a lot of unknown, fear, and chaos everywhere we turned. My life has certainly been no exception (which some of you know). 

In 2021 due to COVID, as well as other personal factors, I was forced to close my business and focus on a pathway of deep healing and recovery. I’m happy to report that I’m finally in a place where I can begin to pick up some of these pieces and tend to them with ease and care. As such, I have two announcements to make.

Firstly, we are coming back online and brining to you the beautiful essential oil products that you know and love! We are hoping to do this in phases, but it’s looking like phase 1 will be happening the first week of June! I’m so excited to get these products out to you as I know how much they were cherished by you and your family and friends. It also feels like such a beautiful continuation of much of my heart’s creative purpose. That being said, stay on plugged in because my vision now extends so much beyond just oil holders, my hope is to bring you many different home decor products and new exciting product categories, but each with the same commitment to beauty, quality, uniqueness, and minimalism that Heartwood has become known for. 

The second announcement that I’m excited to make today is that Heartwood will be bringing on a production partner. Joe, who has become a friend of mine over the years and who was my exotic hardwood supplier is the owner of Lumberjack Woodworks. He has agreed to be our manufacturer and will creating all of our original product designs but on a larger scale then we were able to do. The applications of this partnership are massive and I’m so excited for what this will pave the way for in the future!

This website is now back online and you can reach out to us via email or through DM on instagram and we will be happy to accommodate any questions you may have. Stay tuned to this website as well as our instagram for updates of the launch!

I’ll have so much more for you in the near future!


All the Best,



P.S. Here are the products that we hope to launch in phase 1: