doTERRA Yarrow|Pom line essential Oil holder


This piece is made specifically for doTERRA's Yarrow|Pom line. It holds all three products--the soft gels, the serum, and the oil! For this piece we wanted to match the gorgeous colors of the bottles so we chose African Wenge. Forested from the dense and rain forested African jungles this hardwood is  almost black once finished. This dark color along with it's very heavy and dense hardness, create a  very exotic and luxurious feeling hardwood. We then color matched the coppery gold color of the labeling on the bottles and mixed it with out casting resin. We then completed it by using our signature angle to marry the two materials. We hope you love it as much as we do!  

D E T A I L S:


➤ Holds Yarrow|Pom soft gels, serum, and essential oil

➤ 1 piece of African wenge hardwood

➤ Copper-Gold resin

➤ 7.25" long x 3.5" wides .75" high

➤ Finished a polyurethane for a gloss finish for a high polished shine

➤ Branded with HEARTWOOD logo



N O T E S:


These are custom made in our wood shop from hand selected boards. Due to the unique character in the wood grain and the organic nature of the resin pouring process each piece may look slightly different and, therefore, different than what is pictured.