Honeycomb Wall Rack


This piece is a collaboration with our dear friends over at AstroBarn Design (www.astrobarndesign.com).  

We machined this beautiful wall adornment from a piece of 2" thick solid maple and make them one at a time. They will hold 13 oils (will not hold a roller bottle in the hole), crystals, or any other nicknacks you may want to lovingly display on your wall. It's random sequence and naturally organic honeycomb shape is sure to level up any wall you place it on.  

Note: due to the machining time on these pieces we are setting the initial batch to 25 pieces and we will shoot for a 3-4 week delivery window. Also, due to the large and awkward shape to these pieces we will be assigning a $5 flat shipping fee for domestic shipping to help offset the higher than normal shipping costs.

D E T A I L S:

 ➤ Made from 2 solid pieces of maple

➤ 13 cubby holes 

➤ Wall hanging claw hooks included

➤ 22.5" long x 12" tall x 1.5" deep

➤ Finished a polyurethane for a gloss finish for a high polished shine

➤ Branded with HEARTWOOD logo



N O T E S:


These are custom made in our wood shop from hand selected boards. Due to the unique character in the wood grain and the organic nature of the resin pouring process each piece may look slightly different and, therefore, different than what is pictured.