Moon Phase 7 Rollerbottle Essential Oil Holder


It should be said that we cater to all types of oil user. We developed this piece for our users that do more than just use oils, they use them with massive intent!

Whether an essential oil calls to you for each moon phase, you want to set an intention for each phase, or just love Luna designs on all of your things our Moon phase oil holder is perfect for you. We engraved the moon phases on the front of a piece of black walnut and backfilled the moon shapes with a pearlescent silver resin for a shimmery, almost iridescent quality that is eye catching and beautiful. Because the metallic resin naturally settles and swirls no two pieces are alike. It's also the first oil holder we've made that holds exactly 7 rollerbottles!

Go ahead, it's ok to feel her energy with us!

D E T A I L S:

➤ Holds 7 - roller bottles

➤ Black Walnut Hardwood

➤ 7 moon phase design backfilled with metallic silver resin

➤ 8" long x 1.375" wide x 1.5" tall

➤ Finished a natural hemp oil for a satin finish

➤ Branded with HEARTWOOD logo


N O T E S:

These are custom made in our wood shop from hand selected boards. Due to the unique character in the wood grain and the organic nature of the resin pouring process each piece may look slightly different and, therefore, different than what is pictured.

Wholesale or Bulk orders available upon request. Please fill out the “Wholesale Request” form on our website.