Resin and Maple Natural Void Fill Essential Oil Holder



The essential Oil holder you see here has already been sold, but this is a reference to the the approximate size and shape of the final product. Due to the differing nate of wood and the natural voids that occur in them as they grow, no piece ever looks the same.

When you order these pieces and select your colors we will then choose a piece of wood that fits the length, width, and height so it will have the layout you see here. 

Note: After your order we will reach out to you with a picture of the wood we have chosen for the piece to make sure that you approve. If you do, we will then create the resin piece with the colors you have chosen.

D E T A I L S:

➤ Holds 12-13 double drilled holes
➤ Holes fit either a 15ml bottle or a 10ml roller bottle
➤  1 piece of solid Maple
➤  approx dimensions 18-20" long x 1.5-2" wide x 1.5-2" high
➤ Finished with 2 coats of polyurethane for a Gloss finish
➤ Branded with KINDRED logo

**As these are handmade products, processing time before shipment is 5-7 (but may be sooner) business days. We know you'll love them when you receive them!