Translucent Violet Resin & Maple Cube

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***This is a pre-ordered item. Please allow for a production schedule of 2-3 weeks before initial shipment***

We have taken the same concept we use for our highly sought after Burl & Rose resin cubes and applied it to a smaller form factor. We have also added some angle magic; running a 15 degree angle that is offset so it doesn't terminate at the endpoint on both sides. To make it even more exciting we cut the piece on a 90 degree tilt. It's truly one of a kind and sure to catch all the eyes that are lucky enough to view it. It is made to hold 9 either 15ml or roller bottle holes.  

D E T A I L S:

➤ 9 Double Drilled Holes: either 15ml or Rollerbottle

➤ 1 Piece of Hard Maple

➤ Translucent Violet Resin

➤ 4" long x 4" wide x 1.75" high

➤ Finished a polyurethane for a gloss finish for a high polished shine

➤ Branded with KINDRED logo


N O T E S: These are custom made in our wood shop from hand selected boards. Due to the unique character in the wood grain and the organic nature of the resin pouring process each piece may look slightly different and, therefore, different than what is pictured.